A Love To Die For

in the event of a zombie apocalypse,
I’m gonna marry you.
I know, that romantic testimonial
isn’t quite the matrimonial proposition
you were expecting,
but I’m projecting a lovely future for us!

You see, when the dead break free,
I’ll come save you.
I’ll be your knight in shining Kevlar,
your cranium-crushing crusader,
and safe in our barricaded bungalow,
we’ll match moans for groans
with the shambling horde outside.

We’ll make love ’til death do we part,
or at least til we start
to run out of supplies,
and if we get in a pinch,
I’ve got a surprise:
see, I’ll paralyze them with poetry,
’cause if there’s anything
a zombie understands, it’s desire.

you lay down suppressive fire
and we’ll take out as many as we can.
If in the end we are overrun,
I’ll let them take me
so you can get away.

They can have my brain–
it’s my heart that beats for you.

This poem was originally published under the pen name Gabriel Gadfly.

The Second Wake I Wait For You

I may have to hit you
in the head with a shovel
and I don’t want to.

The man on the news
said the dead are rising
from their graves,
said this is the end of the world,
said oh god they’re at the door
they’re at the door
and then he screamed
and the screen went red
and the channel went
to static, to snow, to fuzz
so he’s probably right.

I turned off the television
and then I drove out to the
cemetery at the edge of town
and sat down with
a lantern and the old shovel
we used to keep in the shed.
The sharp grin of the moon
is coming up
and I keep hearing things
rustling in the dark.
I’ll sit down
to wait for you.

Don’t come up.
Don’t come up.
Stay in your box under the ground
and let me remember
the golden coils of your hair
before they get tangled
with grave dirt and coffin splinters,
let me remember your smiling mouth
before it starts trying to bite
through my throat.

This poem was originally published under the pen name Gabriel Gadfly.