Like Lemmings Leaping Off A Cliff

You followed your heart.
There’s nothing I can say
against that. You followed
your heart back to the shark
pit, like it was a hook in the
side of your lip and it hurt
too much to not go along,
even if you’d be snapped up
in the end. The water’s
already got the scent of
you in it, and I don’t want
to watch the feeding.

You followed your heart
into the boxing ring, only
the gloves are off and no
one’s cheering for you.
We’re just stunned,
mouths hung open,
drying in wonder,
wincing in anticipation
for the bruises his fists
give like gifts. They’ll come.
They’ll come.

You followed your heart.

I just wish mine had not
toddled after you.

This poem was originally published under the pen name Gabriel Gadfly.
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