James Cameron’s “A Love Poem”

Sometimes, when you and I are sitting
at the breakfast table, drinking coffee
and eating toast with strawberry preserves,
I am struck with the sudden and irrational terror
that an alien might claw through your sternum
and burst shrieking from the pale valley
between your breasts.

I imagine the scene in slow-motion:
your head flails back, mouth agape
in a soundless O, your slender fingers
fluttering on the table. Breakfast scatters.
Strawberry viscera splatters my cheek.
Your chest and my mouth are screaming.
You comment, gently, that today is a pretty day,
which isn’t really what most people do when
extra-terrestials are wriggling out of their lungs,
but you never do predictable things and that
is part of what I love about you.

I watch too many movies, but you are still lovely
and I want to take you into the bedroom,
press my ear to your chest and listen to
the reassuringly singular beat of your heart.

This poem was originally published under the pen name Gabriel Gadfly.
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