A Room Full of Lights and Us and God

When no one was looking,
we cut off the head of God
and dragged it under the mountains.
We took it under the earth,
where the sky couldn’t find it
to take it back from us,
and we loved it there.

We dragged God’s big hairy head
into the belly of the earth
and put it in a room full of lights,
full of electricity and full of steel
and full of us and God.

We talked to it. We told it stories,
we asked it questions,
we kissed it we kissed it
on the tip of its big leather nose
and we slept there beside it,
in a room full of lights
and the smell of God’s breath.
When no one was looking,
we braided wildflowers into
God’s big bushy eyebrows.

We watched them wilt
and we drew pictures with our fingers
on God’s big spongy tongue
and we talked to ourselves.

We told ourselves stories,
we asked ourselves questions,
because God wasn’t listening
and we kissed we kissed
our own little noses,

in a room full of lights,
full of us and a God
we couldn’t make speak.

This poem was originally published under the pen name Gabriel Gadfly.
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